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Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Diben
Excellent energy profileIncrease fat content as energy source (provide 42% energy) but fat is mainly comprised of healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA)Reduce carbohydrate as energy source (provide 35% energy) in order to reduce the chance of rising Glycemic index (GI)Good fat proportionIncrease..
Ex Tax:HK$99
Brand: JIAHE 佳禾 Model: JHRD-J
適合對象1) 重度褥瘡患者2) 癱瘓臥床病人植物人大小便護理氣墊床便盆翻身3) 植物人4) 長期臥床病人5) 嚴重中風病人開關鍵壓力調整旋鈕,多檔調解, 有睡眠模式微孔噴氣,透氣面料低噪音,低耗能氣墊波動1天12次翻身雙氣道設計,調解充氣速度及電流大小強迫血液循環使傷口不會長期壓迫床墊頭部心性化設計,頭部三根氣不波動主動、強效的消除皮膚的壓力使用PVC材質防水耐用,易清洗人性化紐扣設計,方便拆卸氣嚢條CPR心臟覆蘇快速放氣口帶便孔,助便功能波動噴氣帶便孔氣床墊電源要求:AC220V 50Hz 熔斷器0.2AL床墊規格尺寸: 200 X 90 X 15 公分40管包裝尺寸:30 X 18 X 2..
Ex Tax:HK$2,000
Brand: TOUSDA 通和 Model: DYW20
坐寬︰41 cm寬超輕材質: 鎂合金淨重︰23公斤可折疊上飛機,前輪:7寸,後輪:10寸折疊尺寸︰長30 x 寬59 x 高77 cm展開尺寸︰長97 x 寬59 x 高97.5 cm電池︰10AH續行︰10A/20KM適合人群︰100公斤以下產地: 廣東省..
Ex Tax:HK$9,400
Brand: TOUSDA 通和 Model: DY019001
坐寬︰34 cm寬超輕材質: 鋁合金淨重︰6.9公斤附加功能: 帶手剎 扶手可掀 折疊輕便可折疊上飛機,前輪:6寸,後輪:8寸折疊尺寸︰長23 x 寬52 x 高71 cm展開尺寸︰長74 x 寬52 x 高88 cm適合人群︰70公斤以下產地: 廣東省..
Ex Tax:HK$700
Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Fresubin
Tailor made for the need of liver patients. Match with ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism) recommendation..
Ex Tax:HK$160
Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Fresubin
Study shows that around one-fourth of patient in hospital and one-third of people in aged home may have risk of malnutrition1. Fresubin® Powder Fibre is complete balanced nutrition formula. One can contains all nutrients you need: carbohydrate, protein, fat, various minerals, trace elements and..
Ex Tax:HK$130
Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Fresubin
Unlike ordinary protein powder, Fresubin protein powder contains 100% Whey protein. It is easy for absorption and utilization. One of its content – branched chain amino acid (BCAA) has high nutritional value...
Ex Tax:HK$130
Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Fresubin
High energy density (2.0 kcal/ml)Low protein (6 energy%) to slow down progression of CKDMicronutrient prole adapted to the needs of renal patients: Low in phosphorus, sodium and potassium, low in vitamin A and high in B-vitaminsExcellent fat composition: With EPA and DHA from sh oil, high in MUFA (2..
Ex Tax:HK$109
Brand: FRESENIUS KABI 費森尤斯卡比 Model: Glutamine
For patients with oxidative stress, Glutamine Plus is oral supplement with rich Glutamine, anti-oxidant vitamin and trace elements...
Ex Tax:HK$1,050
Brand: TOUSDA 通和 Model: DY02608
坐寬︰46 cm寬带坐便+180度全躺+ 抬腿+贈送餐桌附加功能: 帶手剎 扶手可掀 腳踏板可拆材質: 不銹鋼淨重︰28公斤前輪:8寸,後輪:24寸折疊尺寸︰長100 x 寬32 x 高98 cm展開尺寸︰長122 x 寬64 x 高125 cm靠背︰高75 cm適合人群︰100公斤以下產地: 廣東省..
Ex Tax:HK$1,300
Brand: TOUSDA 通和 Model: DY02609
坐寬︰45cm寬带坐便+贈送餐桌附加功能: 帶手剎 防後滑 坐便功能材質: 鋁合金淨重︰12公斤前輪:6寸,後輪:16寸折疊尺寸︰長88 x 寬23 x 高90 cm展開尺寸︰長88 x 寬55 x 高90 cm適合人群︰100公斤以下產地: 廣東省..
Ex Tax:HK$1,200
Brand: YUYANG 羽揚 Model: DY01111
坐寬︰44 cm寬超輕材質: 鎂合金淨重︰15公斤 (不含電池)   18公斤 (含電池)附加功能︰扶手可掀 防後滑 智能全自動前輪:7寸,後輪:12寸折疊尺寸︰長80 x 寬35 x 高72 cm展開尺寸︰長105 x 寬64 x 高87 cm電池︰10AH / 20AH (*10AH可上飛機)續行︰10A/20KM, 或 20A/40KM適合人群︰100公斤以下產地: 廣東省..
Ex Tax:HK$6,000
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